Detailed Bobcat Fire Closure Map (Updated April 2022)

The Angeles National Forest announced a new smaller closure zone caused by the damage from the Bobcat fire (Bobcat Fire Closure Area Forest Order No. 05-01-22-02).

To make the closure more understandable for trail crews and forest users, we at TrailAngeles digitized the map using CalTopo. Check it out here:

Volunteer groups such as the Lowelifes, Mt. Wilson Bicycling Association and Bear Canyon Trail Crew are hard at work lately to reopen the damaged trails in the new closure zone.

Want to help? All trail work in the Angeles National Forest and San Gabriel National Monument is performed by volunteer groups like these. Please consider joining on one of their upcoming outings by checking out our list of volunteer groups. You can also subscribe to the bi-monthly volunteer newsletter at the bottom of this page.

Last updated: by Max Ogden