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Volunteer with Lowelifes Respectable Citizens' Club

  1. Trail work: Restoration and maintenance. Lowelifes is currently focused on the restoration of Condor Peak Trail. When that project is complete, we will begin focusing on restoration of upper Trail Canyon, trail projects in Chilao, and continued maintenance of the other trails we maintain such as Gabrielino, Silver Moccasin, and Mt Hillyer.

    Additionally, we will prioritize efforts on trails we cover that were impacted by the 2020 Bobcat Fire when we are allowed to enter the closure area. Those trails include: Gabrielino, Silver Moccasin, Rim Trail, Kenyon Devore, and Valley Forge.


    • Volunteers need to be physically fit and otherwise prepared for physical labor in backcountry areas.
    • Mountain bike (optional).
    • Our work days are open to the public, depending on space.

Lowelifes Respectable Citizens' Club

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