Angeles National Forest - San Gabriel National Monument

Volunteer Newsletter

October 2022 Edition


This newsletter is issued bi-monthly. San Gabriel Mountains Trailbuilders (SGMTB) has partnered with Nature For All to help distribute this volunteer newsletter. Please submit any correspondence for this newsletter by email here

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  • Ben White - editor in chief
  • Brenda Beck – editor/contributor
  • And other guest contributors

SGMTB is an all-volunteer, 501(c)3 non-profit public service organization dedicated, to constructing and maintaining hiking trails in the San Gabriel Mountains Angeles National Forest (San Gabriel Mountains National Monument) in Southern California. They were founded in 1984.

In April 2018, Guy Kuhn, volunteer newsletter editor in chief extraordinaire ceased publication of the ANF Volunteer Newsletter. In 2021 a group of volunteers combined efforts to start the publication again by issuing August 2021 ANF Volunteer Newsletter.